Breakfast & Lunch Available Daily, 7am - 2pm


Served with toast, home fries or hash browns 

  • Two eggs any style $5.50

    With choice of meat $7.00

  • Three eggs any style $6.50

    With choice of meat $8.00

From The Griddle

  • French Toast $8.00

    Short Stack $7.00

  • Buttermilk Pancakes $7.50

    Short Stack $6.50

  • Roy's Waffles $7.00

*add seasonal berries or nuts + $2.50
*add chocolate chips + $1.50


Three eggs, cracked to order, whipped by hand, served with home fries or hash browns and toast (white, wheat, rye, sourdough, English muffin, cracked sunflower or biscuit)

  • Macy’s Omelet: $9.00

    Bacon, ham, sausage, onion and NYS cheddar cheese topped with sausage gravy

  • Matt's Omelet $9.50

    Artichoke, tomato and feta

  • Pete's Denver Omelet $9.00

    Ham, green peppers, onions and NYS cheddar cheese

  • Cayden's Omelet $9.00

    Smoke pit ham and NYS cheddar cheese

  • Jack's Veggie Omelet $9.00

    Tomatoes, onions, green peppers, spinach, mushrooms and NYS cheddar

Breakfast Sandwiches

  • The Trucker $9.00

    Two fried eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, cheddar and hash browns served on grilled sourdough

  • Rustic $8.00

    Two fried eggs, bacon, cheddar and avocado on homemade cracked sunflower bread

  • Sunrise $9.00

    Grilled turkey, tomato, avocado, spinach and provolone on grilled sourdough bread


Corn Beef Hash

Dom's Breakfast Burrito


Roy's Breakfast Specialties

  • Hand Pulled Corned Beef Hash and Eggs $9.00

    Two eggs any style with choice of toast

  • Southern Buttermilk Biscuits and Gravy $8.00

    Fluffy buttermilk biscuits smothered with a rich southern style sausage gravy
    Add two eggs +$3.50

  • Dom's Breakfast Burrito $9.00

    Scrambled eggs, sausage, ham, salsa, avocado, cheddar and green onions rolled together in a grilled flour tortilla. Served with home fries

  • Zac's Pancake Taco $8.50

    Scrambled eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese in two folded pancakes

  • Dale's Chipped Beef and Toast $8.00

    Creamy homemade pepper gravy simmered with dried beef and served over toast with home fries

  • Old Fashioned Oatmeal $6.50

    Served with brown sugar and fresh blueberries

Eggs Benedict Specialties

Served with home fries or hash browns

  • Florentine Benne $10.00

    English muffin topped with baby spinach, ham, poached eggs, hollandaise and scallions

  • Smoked Salmon Benne $12.00

    English muffin with smoked salmon, poached eggs, hollandaise and scallions

  • Chorizo Benne $10.00

    English muffin topped with spicy chorizo sausage, poached eggs, chipotle hollandaise and scallions

  • Traditional Eggs Benne $10.00

    English muffin topped with ham, poached eggs, hollandaise and scallions


  • Toast $2.00

    White, wheat, rye, sourdough, cracked sunflower, daily homemade, english muffin, brioche roll
    Gluten free +$2.00

  • Bagel $3.00
  • Hash $4.00
  • Sausage Gravy $3.00
  • Bacon, Ham, Sausage Links $3.00

Corn Beef Hash

Lunch Menu

Also available at Dinner



Dressings: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Italian, Balsamic and Thousand Island

  • Brown Derby Cobb $9.50

    Fresh greens topped with chopped grilled chicken, egg, tomato, bacon, cukes, avocado and bleu cheese crumbles, served with choice of dressing

  • Caesar Salad $8.00

    Romaine lettuce with fresh Parmesan cheese, cukes, tomato and croutons. Served with caesar dressing
    With grilled chicken + $2.50

  • Grilled Steak Salad $11.50

    Grilled soy marinated sirloin steak and grilled potatoes served over mixed greens with tomatoes, blue cheese, cukes and red onions


Served with choice of french fries or house chips

  • Hot Roast Beef or Hot Turkey Sandwich $10.00

    Served with french fries

  • Chicken Avocado Dagwood $9.00

    Our sourdough bread layered with avocados, lettuce, grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, tomato, red onion slices and bacon

  • Buffalo Bird $9.00

    Grilled chicken topped with Buffalo sauce, bleu cheese, fresh greens and tomato served on a grilled hard roll

  • Roy’s French Dip $9.50

    Tender sliced roast beef with melted Swiss cheese served on a toasted cottage roll with au jus for dipping

  • Turkey BLT $9.00

    House roasted turkey with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on white or wheat bread. Served traditional club style

  • Grilled Cheese $7.00

    Your choice of cheese and bread. Tomato slices added upon request
    Add bacon or ham + $2.00

  • Old Fashioned Tuna Melt $8.50

    Tuna salad piled on wheat bread with melted American cheese

  • Reuben $9.00

    Roy’s hand pulled corned beef with Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing and sauerkraut served on rye bread

  • Quesadilla $8.00

    Veggies in a white tortilla with peppers, green onions, tomatoes and cheddar cheese, served with salsa and sour cream
    Add chicken + $1.00

  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich $8.50

    Grilled chicken with provolone cheese, fresh greens and tomato served on a hard roll

  • Roy's BLT $8.50

    Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on wheat bread with choice of side


Served on grilled ciabatta bread with house chips

  • Steak $10.50

    Grilled marinated sirloin steak, caramelized onions, provolone cheese and homemade steak sauce

  • Veggie $9.50

    Grilled mushrooms, roasted peppers, baby arugula, caramelized onions with basil pesto sauce

  • Chicken $9.00

    Tender chicken cutlets, roasted peppers, baby spinach, swiss cheese with a roasted red pepper aioli

  • Cuban $9.50

    Roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard

Roy's Burgers

Served with choice of french fries or house chips

  • All Beef Cheeseburger $10.00

    8 oz. burger served with cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion on a grilled hard roll with french fries

  • Veggie Burger $9.00

    Grilled veggie burger with lettuce, tomato, onion and homemade ranch, served with french fries

  • Rodeo Burger $10.50

    8 oz. burger served with batter fried onion rings, bacon, barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese

  • Dragonslayer $11.00

    8 oz. burger served with bacon, bleu cheese, spring mix, pickles, red onions and buffalo sauce

  • Roy’s Patty Melt $9.00

    9 oz. burger grilled to perfection served with spicy Thousand Island dressing, grilled onions and cheddar cheese on rye bread



Homemade Soups

Ask for our soups of the day

  • Cup of Soup $4.00
  • Bowl of Soup $5.00
  • Crock Fresh Onion $5.50


  • French Fries $4.00
  • House Chips $2.00
  • Sweet Potato Fries $5.50
  • Battered Onion Rings $6.00
  • Side Salad $4.00
  • Mac Salad $2.50
  • Cottage Cheese $2.50


  • Finger Lakes Coffee $2.50
  • Soft Drinks $2.50

    Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, Root Beer, Raspberry Iced Tea

  • Freshly Brewed Iced Tea & Lemonade $2.50
  • Juice $3.00

    Florida orange, apple, cranberry, tomato and grapefruit